Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust system cleaning in NJ

Clean as a Whistle offers professional kitchen exhaust cleaning in New Jersey. As a division of Providet Services, we are certified by the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA), as Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialists (CECS).

Because cooking generates a huge buildup of flammable grease in kitchen hoods and exhaust systems, Fire Inspectors, Health Inspectors, and Insurance Auditors require the system to be cleaned on a regular basis. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in its Code 96 regulates the minimum frequencies for the type of operation being served. The Code also specifies the cleaning methods that can and cannot be employed to clean the system in accord with the standard. Clean as a Whistle, as certified by IKECA, operates according to NFPA guidelines.

In order to prevent fires in kitchens, it is pivotal to remove the source of fuel (grease), by maintaining a clean hood and exhaust system, which can only be done by cleaning it on a regular basis. Cleaning of a kitchen hood should only be done by professional contractors. Years of excellence in this service branch make Clean as a Whistle the right company to choose if you need your kitchen exhaust system cleaned in New Jersey or the surrounding area. We can help you prevent fire in your kitchen and maintain a clean/safe work area for your kitchen staff. Using power wash equipment, special grease dissolving cleaners, and a variety of scraping tools, every hood is cleaned to bare metal, making it look like new and ensuring its proper functioning.

In compliance with Code (96 11.4.13), a Certificate of Performance will be posted with the Date of Service when the cleaning is finished. We will also give a full report about the work done, as well as report all problems encountered (such as damaged parts in hood, fan, etc.) if any. All of this is simply part of our job as professional kitchen exhaust system cleaners in New Jersey. Call today or fill out the short form to the right, for a free price quote on your kitchen exhaust system.

Give us a call at 1-800-647-4822 or email us for a more detailed explanation of our kitchen exhaust cleaning service and a free price quote.

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